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We’ve had so many requests about the availability of Back to Nature backgrounds and modules in the USA ... and now the time has come: We’re here for you! Back to Nature has been made in Sweden since 1989 - and now these awesome aquarium and terrarium products are finally available in the USA!

New York is where it all began ... And we’re proud to celebrate the US launch of Back to Nature sales right here in Brooklyn, NY, the gateway to the United States, together with our partner store “Brooklyn Hardscape“. Renowned aquarium designer and aquascaper Oliver Knott will set up aquariums with Back to Nature live. Check out the event on February 19th and 20th at Brooklyn Hardscape, 130 Palmetto Street, Suite 101, Brooklyn, NY 11221 ... and make your aquarium dreams come true! For more info please go to:

What makes Back to Nature so special?
Our idol is nature in all its uniqueness - all our products are carefully and thoroughly hand-crafted, modeled on authentic natural originals. Back to Nature has the experience of 30 years of developing and manufacturing aquarium and terrarium backgrounds and decorative modules - since 1989! We need only one original from nature - a tree root, a piece of coral, a fossil or a piece of rock. Based on this unique model, we can produce uncountable numbers of replicas, a sustainable way of protecting natural resources like coral reefs and rainforests.
Easy to use
The backgrounds from Back to Nature are extremely user-friendly - including them into an aquarium is absolutely uncomplicated, since the material is easy to adapt and easy to work on: You can cut it with a knife or a saw, you can bore holes in it, and use screws or glue to mount it. With Back to Nature you can add a fantastic natural effect to your aquarium, and at the same time, handling is really uncomplicated, for nano aquariums to monster tanks. Let’s rock the rocks!
Decoration for every aquarium type
We create underwater landscapes for all the different aquarium sizes. Do you want a flat, endless Slimline background, or do you prefer a voluptuous 3D aquarium background with a great three-dimensional effect? A background you can individually create with modules, or rather something gigantic? We have a solution for every aquarium size. Our giant root and rock modules enable you to set up true monster tanks and jungle vivariums - and you can even use them outdoors, in your garden. Experienced aquascapers like Oliver Knott have been using Slimline backgrounds, 3D backgrounds and modules in their work, and they have created a new and spectacular connection of Back to Nature with the classic art form of aquascaping.
Reliable delivery
Behind Back to Nature, there is a vast and highly experienced dealer network, which enables us to deliver our products to customers in all the world. Our partners have large stocks, which shortens delivery times decisively.
For shipping and logistics for the orders from and the deliveries to the USA, we have managed to establish a partnership with Ollibetta (Kontaktdaten), which allows us to ship our products from Europe to the USA. Furthermore, we are proud to announce our first stationary premium US parter, the highly renowned shop Brooklyn Hardscape, New York.
You have questions regarding our products, or the ordering process? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to find an individual solution for your requests, we’ll help you with your set-up and find a reliable way of delivery to your place.
Eco friendly
Totally in sync with our name “Back to Nature”, we use practically only electricity from renewable sources, and we use natural rock powder to color the surfaces of our backgrounds and modules. When it comes to packaging, we deliberately renounce the use of plastic films, and we use recyclable carton boxes. Our modules are packed in reusable bags made of bubble wrap.
Vast choice of all-natural colors
We offer our aquarium backgrounds in six awesome basic natural colors - to make it even easier for you to create your individual, authentic underwater world.
Natural high-quality design
All the Back to Nature products exclusively get their color from natural raw materials. Thanks to our special manufacturing process, the surfaces are fused to the carrier foam almost indestructibly. This unique production process makes all the Back to Nature background and modules extremely robust and stable in color. The wear-resistant surface won’t flake off, and mechanical damage is next to impossible - even rasping catfish or sharp reptile claws in a terrarium won’t leave any traces. You want to give your aquarium background a good scrub with a cleaning brush? Go ahead! All the Back to Nature background and modules are water-neutral and resistant to freshwater as well as to seawater. Our products are non-toxic and won’t harm fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants, amphibians or reptiles - you have our word! Their longevity makes them highly sustainable. Moreover, thanks to the beautiful Back to Nature backgrounds and modules you needn’t fall back on decorative materials taken from nature.
There’s no industrial mass-production at Back to Nature - all our aquarium and terrarium products are carefully crafted. Our well-trained production team uses their unique skills to manufacture them in the highest quality during each and every step of the production. We are “Made in Sweden” - and we make biotope scapes for the entire world!
Color variantions
We base our products on natural raw materials, always true to our name “Back to Nature“. No two rocks in nature are the same, and especially red and grey natural pigments may vary from batch to batch. We use natural pigments only, and therefore our backgrounds and modules may vary a tiny little bit in color. This feature makes them even more beautiful and individual! In the aquarium, the natural patina created through the formation of biofilms, the tint of the water and the aquarium lights will soon equalize the small color variations of the background and the modules.
Ready for the use under water
Whereas the aquarium backgrounds from other manufacturers sometimes need an epoxy coat, which is hazardous to your health and whose application takes a lot of time, the Back to Nature background and modules won’t require this extra effort. All our products can be used in freshwater tanks, marine aquariums, paludariums and terrariums right away, without any prior work required. The special Back to Nature manufacturing process gives our backgrounds and modules their practically unlimited useful life and makes them extremely resistant to wear and tear. Some test backgrounds that were manufactured during our start-up in 1989 are still in use, and they show no significant signs of aging. They’re still as beautiful as on the day when they were crafted. This is true sustainability - re-usability and longevity are the main characteristics of our products.
Sturdy, robust materials
Thanks to our special manufacturing process, the surface of all Back to Nature products is exceedingly robust and sturdy. Not even sharp reptile claws like those of turtles and lizards or rasping catfish can cause damage the robust uppermost layer. The surface is hardened in a special process, which even allows you to have a good scrub with any kind of cleaning brush.

Oliver Knott and Pisces
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