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Aquascaping for Beginners studio class!
April 24th at 8pm
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Included with each ticket: 

  • Tropica Aquarium Soil 3L

  • Tropica Premium Fertilizer 125ml

  • Tropica root tabs x10

  • Starter portion of Oliver Knott's AquaIron (natural aquarium sand for power plant growth)

  • Starter portion of Oliver Knott's AquaLat (rare laterite spheres aquarium substrate)

  • Nano beginner plant package (mosses, anubias, and cryptocorynes )

  • 15% discount on hardscape, plants, and aquariums after the event.


Brooklyn Hardscape aquascape supply:

Brooklyn Hardscape began as a dedicated aquascape competition group and is now a small business dedicated to aquascaping, retail aquarium supplies, and installations. Our mission is to promote the art and craft of aquascaping and design in planted tanks.

Kevin Kelly — aka Rossfett — is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer and illustrator who has designed and built planted tanks since 2003. A former skatepunk turned mad scientist, Kevin’s dual curiosities of both left and right brain led to him to pursue formal education in both science and art. He has spent 10 years providing creative and engaging visual design solutions for clients from non-profit to high fashion. Aquascape design and installation represents the ultimate mix of Kevin’s obsessions – the perfect balance of art and science. 

Outside the NYC area? Contact us for a quote or for a reference to a local aquascaper:



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“...a layout that is created naturally over time appears a lot more natural than one that is maintained intentionally by the creator.”

— Takashi Amano

Brooklyn Hardscape is an experience like no other. I couldn’t recommend highly enough.
— P. Kocher, Client