Tropica Rotala 'Vietnam H'ra'

Tropica Rotala 'Vietnam H'ra'


One of Kevin’s favorite stems. This strain is from Tropica tissue culture and is very hardy. Can be grown out to be reddish green, orange or fire engine red depending on light and fertilizers.

”Aquarium plant from tissue culture in closed cup.

Rotala 'H’ra' has rather narrow leaves and an overhanging or creeping growth. It is probably a variation of Rotala rotundifolia and has much resemblance to Rotala sp. ‘Green’.

High light levels, good fertilization and added CO2 will induce almost exclusively creeping growth and a warm, rich orange coloration.  This makes it possible to create a dense, orange mid-ground cushion or even an unusual, orange foreground carpet.”

**Check your weather and add an ice pack or insulation as needed. We may contact you if we have any concerns with shipping.

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