Aquascaping for Beginners studio class
8:00 PM20:00

Aquascaping for Beginners studio class

Beginner's Aquascaping Class and Demo at Brooklyn Hardscape

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Join professional aquascaper and Brooklyn Hardscape owner Kevin Kelly as he walks through the steps to create a successful planted aquarium and aquascape.

Learn the basics of setting up a freshwater planted aquarium, and get the supplies you need to build your own at home. Kevin will also demo a beginner's Nature Aquarium aquascape in a nano tank.

The class will run for approximately 1 hour, followed by Q&A and a tour of Brooklyn Hardscape's planted tanks. 

Included with each ticket: 

  • Tropica Aquarium Soil 3L

  • Tropica Premium Fertilizer 125ml

  • Tropica root tabs x10

  • Starter portion of Oliver Knott's AquaIron (natural aquarium sand for power plant growth)

  • Starter portion of Oliver Knott's AquaLat (rare laterite spheres aquarium substrate)

  • Nano beginner plant package (mosses, anubias, and cryptocorynes )

  • 15% discount on hardscape, plants, and aquariums after the event.

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January Open House
to Jan 19

January Open House

A very special announcement is coming this week about next months open house. The shop is going through a renovation, but we’re having our monthly event regardless. Come meet other local scapers, buy or trade plants. We’ll be having sign up for special orders as well. We now have accounts with multiple companies like ADA and Mr. Aqua! Please RSVP by shooting us a message or on Facebook. More plants and hardscape are on their way!

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to Oct 21

Aquatic Experience New York

Brooklyn Hardscape at Aquatic Experience

Come out to aquatic experience to see Kevin compete or see his show tanks for Tropica and Dustin’s Fishtanks!
We will have a sales booth as as well. Want supplies for your aquascape. Contacts us for orders and pick up at the show.
All Tropica tanks will be for sale!

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